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Paul Denholm

Paul Denholm is a member of the Grid Systems Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Paul is a leading researcher in grid applications for energy storage and solar energy. He pioneered a variety of research methods for understanding the technical, economic, and environmental benefits and impacts of the large scale deployment of renewable electricity generation. He has delivered over 100 invited presentations to agencies including the National Science Foundation, the World Bank, and the International Energy Agency. He has co-authored over 100 articles related to renewable energy integration. While his official title is "Principal Analyst" he is still an engineer at heart and in his free time he likes to build contraptions of dubious functionality like a concentrating solar marshmallow cooker.

How Low Can Conventional Generators Go? Why “Minimum Generation” Is Key To Maximum Renewable Integration

One of the key issues with renewable integration is understanding how variable generation (VG) resources, such as wind and solar, interact with the rest of the power system. As the output of VG varies up and down, the rest of […]