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Paul A. Bukaveckas

Dr. Bukaveckas received his Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from Indiana University and has been with VCU’s Center for Environmental Studies and Department of Biology since 2003. It’s been a good fit with his curiosity about the natural world and his penchant for applied research. “Science is driven by questions you’re interested in,” he said. “That’s the career of an academic.” He’s especially interested in the factors that control the development of algal blooms in the tidal freshwater segment of the James River and is participating in a six-year, $3 million project to evaluate existing water quality standards and the associated nutrient load allocations.

Climate Change And Estuaries: C, N, and P Retention Fluxes

Estuaries serve many important functions – they provide recreational opportunities for coastal populations, host important fisheries (including oysters, blue crabs, and striped bass), and support a diverse food web that contains species from both the freshwater and marine realms. The mixing […]