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Patrick Grof-Tisza

I am currently a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in James Blande's lab at the University of Eastern Finland, where I am studying volatile-mediated communication  in sagebrush.

My dissertation research and first postdoctoral appointment were conducted at the University of California, Davis under the advisement of Richard Karban and Marcel Holyoak. The majority of my  work at UC Davis focused on the spatial ecology of an outbreaking caterpillar.

I am generally interested in how species interactions and movement shape distribution patterns across different spatial and temporal scales.  In addition to research, I am actively involved in science education and quantifying student success. I have taught multiple courses at American River College in Sacramento, CA and have facilitated workshops on several topics,  including student-centered learning, curriculum design, creating inclusive classrooms, and introduction to statistics using R.

Hilltopping Behavior In Tiger Moths

Naturalists have long marveled at the beauty of butterflies fluttering about verdant fields, blossoming gardens, and urban green spaces. Watching a brightly-colored butterfly alight on an equally brilliant flower and unfurl its long proboscis to get a drink of sweet […]