Oliver Tills

Oliver Tills is a Teaching and Research Associate (Marine Biology) at the School of Biological & Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science & Engineering), University of Plymouth.

I am fascinated by the dynamic process of embryonic development in aquatic organisms. During this process there are complex and interconnected changes happen on a second, minute, hour and daily timescale and this includes changes in morphology, physiology and behaviour.

My research focusses on understanding the implications of this variation for ecological and evolutionary processes. This has required the development of new technologies and approaches for capturing the dynamic process of embryonic development in unprecedented temporal, spatial and functional resolution. EmbryoPhenomics http://www.embryophenomics.org is a high-throughput technology that incorporates bioimaging hardware and software and which quantifies the process of embryonic development in new ways. While I am a biologist by training, I have spent a significant portion of my time developing new bioimaging technologies and writing software for high-throughput image- and data-analysis in Python and R.

EmbryoPhenomics: A New Technology For Capturing The Dynamic Process Of Embryonic Development

Genomics is the study of the molecular basis of life and has boomed as a result of new technologies. Genomics adopts a reductionist approach to understanding life – studying how the smallest components of an organism work or respond to […]