Analysis For Post-Buckling In Micro-Composite Films
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About The Author

Nizar is a research scientist at Michigan State University. Dr. Lajnef's interests are in the area of sensors design for civil infrastructure and biomechanical systems, sensors networks design and implementation, nano-watt and self-powered sensors, and smart materials/composites/alloys and systems.


Analysis For Post-Buckling In Micro-Composite Films

Multiscale structures are all around the world, ranging from the Statue of Liberty at macroscale to drug delivery or biomedical robotics at micro/nanoscale. In order to tune and optimize the mechanical performance of those structures, the mission of solid mechanics has been experiencing a paradigm shift from traditionally preventing structural failure to efficiently deploying advanced structures to achieve multifunctional performance. The future direction of solid mechanics is thus aimed to predict and tailor the properties of novel geometric forms for...

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