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Nicolas Thibault

I am primarily a micropaleontologist and stratigrapher. My main interests are (1) Precise dating, large-scale correlations, and improvement of the Geologic Time Scale, (2) Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironments, (3) Evolution of marine life. As a micropaleontologist, I am a specialist in calcareous nannofossils. As a stratigrapher, I am specialized in cyclostratigraphy and carbon-isotope stratigraphy. I focused a large part of my career on the Cretaceous Period but I've also worked more recently on the Early Jurassic, Late Triassic, Early Paleozoic (Cambrian to Silurian of Baltica) and Eocene.

Environmental Changes In The Late Triassic – A Critical Time In Earth’s History

The evolution of the marine and terrestrial biosphere was affected by several critical periods in Earth’s history which are known as global mass extinctions. Global mass extinction events are defined by the loss of a considerable amount of fossil taxa […]