About The Author

Nicolas studied biology at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and University of Tel-Aviv (Israel). He did his PhD with Yves-Alain Barde at the Biozentrum (University of Basel, Switzerland) and postdoc in biological imaging with Scott Fraser at Caltech (US), supported by fellowships from Swiss National Foundation, EMBO and CIRM. He was appointed Group Leader at EMBL Australia in 2011 and joined A*STAR in 2015 as Senior PI. He received the A*STAR Investigatorship, Viertel Medical Fellowship, Australian NHMRC and ARC Fellowships. In 2015 he become the third Singapore-based scientist to join the EMBO Young Investigator Program. In 2016 he was awarded the Gibco–Emerging Leader Prize of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB). In 2017 he became an HHMI International Scholar.

The Role Of Actin Rings In Early Embryo Development

During the first stages of pregnancy, as the embryo travels down the fallopian tube it begins to transform from a loose cluster of cells into a tightly-packed ball. Within this ball, a small, fluid-filled cavity appears and gradually enlarges, inflating the embryo until it resembles a hollow ball of cells one layer in depth. At