About The Author

Nick Voulvoulis BSc (Hons) MSc DIC PhD DMS is a Professor of Environmental Technology at Imperial College’s Centre for Environmental Policy. He is an international expert in environmental management, especially where science and engineering interface with public policy. His research targets the interactions and interdependencies between human and natural systems and focuses on environmental systems and processes across many areas and diverse sectors. It is really about the application of science to solve environmental problems and sustainability challenges, in other words technology in its original meaning. The main areas he works on, include: Water Technology and Management, Environmental Pollution and Health, and Resources Management.

Water Reuse And The Circular Economy

Water is essential for human survival and well-being and plays an important role in many sectors of the economy. However, water resources are irregularly distributed over space and time, and they are under pressure due to human activity and economic development (Forslund et al., 2009). Accelerated urbanization and the expansion of municipal water supply and