Neill Goosen

Dr Neill Goosen obtained his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering at Stellenbosch University, before relocating to the United Kingdom for two years where he worked at a consulting company in the mining and minerals industry. In 2010 he returned to Stellenbosch University to commence his PhD studies, and in 2013 he took up a permanent position at the Department of Process Engineering.

Dr Goosen’s overall research philosophy is to apply his skills for the betterment of South Africa and the society we live in, through excellent and relevant research, and through the training and development of exceptional engineers. His research has a strong interdisciplinary focus and he frequently collaborates with the disciplines of Agriculture and basic sciences to define and solve particular problems, and to find applications for the products and processes developed by his research group. Particular research interests include valorisation of agricultural and food processing by-products, and extraction of valuable compounds from bio-substrates. Two relevant projects that are currently under way are 1) development of value-added products from fish processing by-products, with the aim of improving the sustainable utilisation of fisheries resources, and 2) developing environmentally and economically sustainable processes that use seaweeds as raw material, by applying biorefinery principles.

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