Controlling Mosquito Populations Using Nanotechnology (Nanometric Emulsion)
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About The Author

Natarajan is a researach scientist at the Vellore Institute of Technology. Research interests include: Biochemistry, Toxicology, Analytical instrumentation, Biostatistics, Nano emulsions, Nano aquaculture, nano-genotoxicology, Bioremediation


Controlling Mosquito Populations Using Nanotechnology (Nanometric Emulsion)

The research focused on formulating the bio-based nanopesticide which can efficiently control the vector mosquito population, simultaneously exhibiting an environmentally benign property.  The rising jeopardy of vector-borne diseases and the residual eco-pollution in current scenario due to excessive application of conventional pesticidal compounds makes the application of nanotechnological techniques. The present research dealt with one such nanotechnological application, i.e. formulation of (NUNE) neem urea nanoemulsion using high energy emulsification technique. NUNE was fabricated using the oil phase which consisted of...

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