Narayanaswamy Jayaraman

Narayanaswamy Jayaraman is an Indian organic chemist and a professor and the chair of the department of organic chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science. He is known for his work on synthesis of complex carbohydrates and new dendrimers and is an elected fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, the apex agency of the Government of India for scientific research, awarded him the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology, one of the highest Indian science awards, in 2009, for his contributions to chemical sciences.

Synthetic Glycolipids As A New Class Of Antimicrobials To Down-regulate Cell Wall Functions

Microbial species constitute the most abundant and oldest life forms on earth among organisms.  Studies aimed at understanding the ability of microbes to withstand and survive harsh environmental conditions opens-up important learning on the complex, networked lifestyles of the microbes.  […]