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Najib A. Mozahem

Najib A. Mozahem is an Assistant Professor of Management at Rafik Hariri University where he has been the recipient of the teaching excellence award. He received his doctorate from Durham Business School for which he won the best PhD thesis award. His published work has appeared in journals such as Management Teaching Review, Journal of Academic Ethics, and International Journal of School and Educational Psychology. His research interests include quantitative modeling, statistical data analysis, and the study of human behavior in organizations.

Challenges Of Being A Woman In Engineering

The topic of gender differences in career choices has received a lot of attention over the past years in Western countries. Researchers in those countries specifically wanted to understand why women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). […]

Cheating In Higher Education

The topic of academic misconduct in higher education has received a lot of attention over the past few decades, and the general findings have been troubling. Although it is still not clear whether academic misconduct has been rising or not, […]

Occupational Interest And The Gender Divide

Published by Najib A. Mozahem College of Business Administration, Rafik Hariri University, Damour, Lebanon These findings are described in the article entitled Gender differences in career choices among students in secondary school, recently published in the International Journal of School […]

The Importance Of Lebanese Newspapers In Arabic Culture

It is no secret that the printed newspaper industry is facing a crisis. This is due to the fact that people can now get news updates almost instantaneously, thanks to smartphones. As the users migrate online, so do the advertisers. […]