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Muhammad Shoaib

In addition to teaching Applied Mathematics Courses and research in Dynamical Systems I have vast experience in:

1. Curriculum development
2. Staff development and performance monitoring.
3. Research Leadership.
4. Management of Large and small groups.

Research Interests include:

1. Chaos and stability in planetary or multi stellar systems; Stability of four and more body stellar systems
2. Attitude Dynamics and control of spacecraft.
3. Mathematical Inequalities
4. Finding efficient quadrature rules using Mathematical inequalities
5. Image Analysis; Biometrics; Lungs Segmentation, lungs nodule detection.

Rhomboidal And Triangular Four- And Five-body Problems: Planar Central Configurations

Researchers established that many stars are part of multiple–star systems. Moreover, the ratio of multiple-star systems in our galaxy is assumed to be about two-thirds. Looking at stars can lead us into believing that stars are solitary, isolated objects, but […]