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Morteza Sheshpari

Morteza is a research scientist and Ph.D. student at the University of Ottawa, specializing in Martian engineering geology and landscape.

Early Human Settlement On Mars By Sheltering Them In Excavated Underground Structures Due To Harsh Climate And Hazardous Solar And Galactic Cosmic Rays

Humans will be able to reside on new planets in forthcoming years thanks to progression in science and technology, starting with the nearest planets and moving on to the more remote ones. A few missions for human settlement on Mars […]

Unsaturated Soils On Mars And Their Role In Mars Colonization From A Geotechnical Point Of View

Major current projects that are currently underway to have humans on Mars for exploration and also for possible settlement and colonization are the Mars One project and NASA project. There are still several geotechnical engineering tasks that have to be […]