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Monica Musteanu

Monica is a biologist with 14 years of experience in oncology and molecular biology research, experience gained in various institutions from Austria and Spain.

Current interests in:

  • Development of genetically engineered mouse models of Kras driven lung adenocarcinomas that faithfully recapitulate the human disease for which there are no approved targeted therapies yet.
  • Identification of molecular events involved in the early stages of Kras driven lung adenocarcinomas as novel therapeutic targets.
  • Design of pharmacologic therapeutic strategies against Kras driven lung adenocarcinomas in genetically engineered mouse and patient derived xenograft tumor models in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry (currently Pfizer)

A New Strategy To Induce Regression Of Advanced K-RAS/TRP53 Mutant Lung Tumors

A study conducted by researchers from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (Centro Nacional de Investigadores Oncológicas) (CNIO), shows that elimination of c-RAF by genetic means leads to regression of advanced KRAS-driven lung tumors in mice (Sanclemente et al., Cancer […]