Monica Carvalho

Passionate about thermodynamics and the environment. Prof. Monica Carvalho was born in Leeds, England, and is currently a full professor at the Department of Renewable Energy Engineering at the Federal University of Paraiba, Northeast Brazil. Monica is also an Adjunct Professor at the Mining Engineering Department at the Laurentian University (Canada). BEng. in Electrical Engineering (UFCG, Brazil), MSc. in Mechanical Engineering (UFPB, Brazil), Diploma in Advanced Studies in Climatization and Energy Efficiency for Buildings (University of Zaragoza, Spain), and PhD in Mechanical Engineering (University of Zaragoza).

Developing Carbon-limiting Disposal Scenarios For Urban Pruning Waste

The removal of branches, fruits, inflorescences or foliage from urban afforestation promotes the longevity of trees, and the residues generated correspond to a significant portion of municipal solid waste. These residues are usually disposed of in landfills or dumps and, […]