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Milko A. Jorquera

Milko has experience in research and management of research and development (R & D) projects in the disciplines of: soil microbiology, plant-microorganism interactions, microbial ecology and environmental microbiology, application of molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics programs in microbiology, oriented towards biotechnological development in agriculture and related areas. In addition, Milko has experience in human capital training through courses and supervision of pre and postgraduate theses.

Chilean Geysers And Hotsprings As Source Of Thermotolerant Microbial Phytases

Chile is well known as a volcanic country with a huge variety of pristine and extreme environments. Chilean extreme environments, such as deserts (the Atacama Desert, the driest place in the globe), extensive steppe-like plains (Patagonia), high altitudes (Andes Mountains […]