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Mike Meylan

I am an expert in wave scattering in both the time and frequency domain. Much of my research has been connected with wave water scattering, especially with hydroelasticity, but I have also worked in photonics and more general wave scattering theory. I am especially interested in the connection between the frequency and time domain problems and the phenomena of near trapping. However, the primary focus of my research has been on understanding the process of wave scattering in the Marginal Ice Zone. This scattering is an extremely complicated wave scattering problem which is very poorly understood. I have been responsible for some of the most important models developed in the last twenty years.

Symmetrical Resonators Leads To Extraordinary Acoustic Transmission

If we imagine a plate, which is perfectly reflective of sound and drill holes through 5% of its surface then we would expect 5% of the sound energy to be transmitted and the rest reflected.  While this would be true […]