Can We Defeat Neglected Tropical Diseases?
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About The Author

Mike Barrett is Professor of Biochemical Parasitology at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on understanding how drugs work against parasites and how parasites become resistant to drugs. He has been involved in several drug discovery programmes and has identified resistant mechanisms to a range of different anti-protozoan drugs. The African trypanosomiases (both animal and human), leishmaniases and malaria are all part of his research programme.

Professor Barrett also directs Glasgow Polyomics, a state of the art facility involved in collecting genomics, proteomics and metabolomics datasets over a range of systems.


Can We Defeat Neglected Tropical Diseases?

I recently heard it said that mankind’s extermination of the smallpox virus, lauded as it is, was a feat of under-appreciated endeavor. The evolutionary necessity to survive is, after all, overwhelming. Given our destruction of many species due to a drive to dominate every aspect of the planet, is killing off one little virus that big a deal? Probably yes, because unlike most of humanity’s victims, smallpox virus, like other human pathogens, chooses us as its habitat, and this is...

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