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Michael Lathuillière

I am part of UBC’s Ecohydro Lab Group which operates out of the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability with collaborators at the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso located in Cuiabá (Brazil). The goal of my research is to outline and apply an impact assessment method that accounts for changes in the water cycle from agricultural expansion in Southern Amazonia. Production has occurred through deforestation with the region now acting as a key supplier of animal products, soybean and maize for national and international markets. My work combines field measurements of crop water use along with models that can estimate the potential impacts of commodities on terrestrial ecosystems. The method will be applied at product and river basin levels to assess current and future potential impacts of agricultural production in Southern Amazonia. Results can guide regional land and water policies and provide information to supply chains.

To Irrigate Or Not To Irrigate? Implications For Agricultural Intensification In Southern Amazonia

The Amazon biome plays a key role in the world’s carbon and water cycles. Together, regional terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems link these cycles to constitute one of the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots which has been the focus of research, socio-economic […]