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Masoud Rostami

Masoud is a research scientist at LMD (École polytechnique/ENS Paris/Sorbonne Université) and a postdoctoral researcher at Cologne University.

Discovery Of A New Eastward-Propagating Coherent Atmospheric Structure: Equatorial Modon

Recently steady, long-living, slowly eastward-moving large-scale coherent twin cyclones, so-called “equatorial modons,” have been reported by Rostami & Zeitlin [1] in a moist-convective rotating shallow water model [2, 3]. This improved model has already applied to a study of the […]

Simulation Of Tropical Cyclones In A Simple Way

It is known that moist convection is a key factor for the development of tropical weather systems, severe weather, thunderstorms, hailstorms, and tornadoes. It acts as a turbo engine for the cyclones. Some questions that come to mind in this […]

Mars’ Polar Vortex

A surprising radial distribution of potential vorticity (PV) of Martian atmosphere represents a minimum PV value at the winter pole, which is surrounded by an annular circumpolar vortex with high PV. The potential vorticity (PV) is the absolute circulation of […]

Saturn’s North Polar Hexagon

The dynamical nature of the hexagonal cloud pattern on Saturn’s north pole was unexplained by planetary science for ≈ 35 years since its first observation. Nothing like the hexagon has ever been seen on any other planet. The lack of […]