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Martina Monti

The research activity I have carried out over the years has focused on angiogenesis and endothelial functionality. My studies have been carried out at the Pharmacology of Angiogensesis laboratory of the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Siena directed by Prof. Marina Ziche where I acquired methods in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo necessary for the study of cellular, molecular and biochemical aspects involved in the angiogenic process.

Recently, I have acquired new skills in the virological field having the opportunity to carry out my research activity at the Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory of the Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine directed by Prof. Emanuele Montomoli.

Nitric Oxide And Hydrogen Sulfide Cross-Talk For Blood Vessel Wellness

The importance of the gaseous transmitter nitric oxide (NO) was definitely recognized by the 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine/Physiology. Depending on its concentration, NO controls vessel tone and blood fluidity, oxidative stress, inflammation and body defenses, and growth or death […]