About The Author

I am a Post-Doc researcher, based at the University of Pisa, Italy. I am employed under the Italian research grants: PNRA1 & PRIN and with the project title: "The cosmochemical study of Antarctic micrometeorites", derived from the Transantarctic mountains. I currently work on giant unmelted fine-grained and CM-like micrometeorites, which are samples of intensely altered C-type asteroids. Their study allows us to better understand early geological processes operating on small bodies in the age of accretion and planet-building approximately 4.5 billion years ago.

The Impact History Of Asteroids Revealed In Cosmic Dust

The asteroid belt is a collection of approximately 300,000 objects greater than 1km in diameter. These solar system “small bodies” sit between Mars and Jupiter at approximately 2.2-3.2 astronomical units from the Sun. The asteroid belt is composed of a diverse array of materials including protoplanets – that is early-formed aggregations of solar system condensates,