About The Author

My research interests are in Stochastic Processes with an emphasis on queueing theory. My thesis work was in this area with Professor Hayriye Ayhan and Professor Robert (Bob) D. Foley. We used Markov Decision Processes to uncover some new ideas in trunk reservation and bias optimality. I also spent time at the University of British Columbia in the Centre for Operations Excellence as a postdoctoral fellow working with Martin L. Puterman. We explained implicit discounting in bias optimality and again related it to controlled queueing systems. Most recently, I have gotten interested in parallel processing and how resources are allocated dynamically in such systems. There is also some work on fundamental advances in average cost Markov decision processes with Eugene Feinberg.

Quadratic Optimization and Quantum Computing

Recent advances in quantum computing along with increased interest in solving difficult optimization problems is shining a light on a research area that has been quietly growing for the past twenty plus years. This area involves modeling difficult decision problems as Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) problems and then solving them on a new type