Marcos Francos

I was born in 1991 in Soria. I graduated in Geography (2010-2014) from the University of Salamanca (USAL), I made the official Master of Territorial Planning and Environmental Management (2014-2015) at the University of Barcelona (UB) and I am currently doing my doctoral thesis in the University of Barcelona (UB) on "Analysis of the effects of forest fires and forest management pre- and post-fire on soil properties". In the years 2016-2017 I completed a Master's Degree in Renewable Energy and Environmental Management. In the years 2014 and 2017 I did two courses of Higher Technician in "Environment and Forest Management" and in "Renewable Energies and Environment" respectively. The interests of my research are focused on knowing how a short, medium and long term forest fire affects the physical-chemical and microbiological properties of the soil. In addition, I am very interested in how factors such as pre- and post-fire forest management influence these properties. Another interest associated with this topic is to see how both fires and forest management affect plant regeneration and the dynamics of this vegetation

Managing Soil After A Fire

Fire is a natural element of ecosystems that has shaped world biomes as we know them today. With the exception of polar areas, fire affects all ecosystems with more or less periodicity. Fire appeared with vascular plants (420 million years […]