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Manuj Yadav

Manuj Yadav is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Architectural Science in the School of Architectural Design and Planning. He did his Ph.D. in musical psychoacoustics at the University of Sydney. Earlier degrees include an M.Phil (University of Sydney), and Bachelor of Computational Science (Australian National University).

Currently, he is employed under an Australian Research Council funded project titled, “Solving the problem of speech distraction in open-plan offices”. Herein, the psychoacoustic component within the overall Indoor Environmental Quality of office spaces is being investigated in realistic laboratory and field settings.

Multi-talker Speech As A Distraction In Open-plan Offices?

While ease of collaboration may have been a driving principle in open-plan design philosophy, this design has also been directly responsible for increased speech distraction and lack of speech privacy for workers, when compared to walled offices. Speech distraction typically […]