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Manuel López-Vicente

Manuel López-Vicente currently works as A) Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Jaén, Ecology (Jaén, Spain); B) Temporary Lecturer at the University of La Rioja, Regional and Geographic Analysis (Logroño, Spain); and C) Guest Researcher at the EEAD-CSIC, Soil and Water (Zaragoza, Spain). Manuel does research in Soil and Water Conservation in Agricultural Systems (Vineyards, Annual crops, Olive orchards and Abandoned fields). His current projects are 'Environmental and economic impact of soil loss (soil erosion footprint) in agro-ecosystems of the Ebro River Basin: numerical modelling and scenario analysis (EroCostModel; CGL2014-54877-JIN)' and 'Recovery and valorisation of ancient grapevine varieties grown in high-altitude (Tierra de Biescas - Huesca) ("Vinos de Altura").

Evaluating Different Radiocesium Decontamination Practices In A Forest Plantation Near The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Owing to an earthquake and the resulting tsunami that occurred on March 2011 in central-eastern Japan, the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant was damaged by several hydrogen explosions. This accident released a vast amount of radionuclides, including caesium 134 and […]