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Madhu Kashyap Jagadeesh

Madhu Kashyap Jagadeesh currently works as an assistant professor at Jyoti Nivas College. He is the recipient of young researcher and scientist award from ESA and ISC. His research interests are observational Astrophysics [Be stars], Astrobiology and exoplanets.

Can Tardigrades Theoretically Survive On Exoplanets?

Tardigrades are water microbes (or water bears) that can survive in extreme conditions and can withstand very high energy cosmic radiations when exposed to a vacuum in space. The major motivation for studying tardigrades on exoplanets is that tardigrade proteins […]

Finding Earth 2.0 And Mars 2.0 Using Earth Similarity index & Mars Similarity index

Exoplanets are those planets outside our solar system. We are interested in finding Earth version 2.0 and in our work, we have extended to find Mars 2.0 as well. Presently more than 3500 exoplanets are discovered and huge space data […]