About The Author

Maddie Goebel is a fourth-year senior pursuing an undergraduate degree in Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS) at The Ohio State University and has completed a minor in Spanish. Her future plans will most likely include graduate school, though she in considering taking a gap year following the completion of her undergraduate degree to pursue career experience in the form of employment or volunteering. Her current interests include sustainable food systems and agriculture, in addition to the broader social component of sustainability. She plans to study abroad in Costa Rica during her final semester, where students work closely with EARTH University, a private, non-profit international university that provides an educational approach to sustainable development with a focus on agricultural sciences and natural resource management. Outside of the academic world, Maddie enjoys horseback riding, yoga, being outdoors, and film photography.

Toward Successful Academic-Industry Collaboration in Energy Research

In the midst of a global energy transition, collaborations between academics and practitioners are becoming increasingly important. While these partnerships have primarily served to validate scientific research in real-world settings until very recently, they are now seen as essential for solving complex real-world problems, such as the energy transition. Previous research on the topic of