Lygia V Pereira

Lygia V. Pereira is a Professor of Human Genetics and Director of the National Laboratory for Embryonic Stem Cell Research at the University of São Paulo. Her research team established the first lines of human embryonic stem cells in Brazil and continues conducting research using stem cells in current drug screening. She is part of Brazil’s National Network for Cell Therapy, and a member of the International Stem Cell Research Committee. Professor Pereira received a bachelor’s degree from Pontificia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro, and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from University of New York, Mount Sinai Graduate School.

Difficulties In Cell Line Identification

For decades, the ability to cultivate cells in the lab has played an important role in biological and medical research – from understanding biological process to producing novel medications. However, under the microscope, many cells look alike, and sometimes the […]