Circular Economy: Can Pollution Be Turned Into Resources?
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About The Author

I am basically interested in the bacterial metabolism of metals and metalloids. Specifically, I explore the bacterial biomineralization of metals and metalloids under anaerobic conditions, coupled with the formation of biogenic nanoparticles. Bioremediation of metal-laden industrial effluents, in tandem with resource recovery, is another research direction under investigation.


Circular Economy: Can Pollution Be Turned Into Resources?

Coal combustion for energy generation has traditionally been associated with environmental pollution since the onset of the Industrial Revolution. A waste stream (Flue Gas Desulfurization, FGD) derived from coal combustion in modern power plants is particularly enriched in chemical elements . Using a biologically and environmentally friendly approach, FGD can be cleaned up, generating resources and profit at the end of the pipe . Although coal is considered a “dirty” fuel, its abundance and high energy density make it a...

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