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Lorenzo Galluzzi

Lorenzo Galluzzi is an Assistant Professor of Cell Biology in Radiation Oncology at Weill Cornell Medical College | Cornell · Division of Radiation Oncology.

"I'm intestered in several aspects of the cell biology, encompassing (i) the molecular mechanisms that underpin regulated cancer cell death, in all its forms, (ii) the adaptive responses whereby cancer cells face adverse microenvironmental conditions and chemotherapeutic challenges, including autophagy; and (iii) the molecular and cellular mechanisms whereby dying cancer cells - at least in selected circumstances - are perceived as immunogenic, eliciting a tumor-specific cognate immune response."

How Cancer Cells Die And Why It Matters

The microenvironment of most tumors is not really a place where you’d want to be. Quite often, indeed, nutrients are limited and oxygen is scarce, which renders cancer cell survival and proliferation not particularly easy. Moreover, a variety of toxic […]