About The Author

I graduated with a Master of Food science and Engineering from the Ocean University of China, in 2014. I commenced my PhD in 2014, as part of the Rheology, Tribology and Biointerfaces research group at UQ, under the guidance of Professor Jason R. Stokes and Dr. Gleb Yakubov. My research focuses on uncovering the relationship between structure and rheological properties of plant polysaccharides. The outcome of this research extends the knowledge of how macromolecules are assembled in plant, and demonstrates the possibility of rational design of functional polysaccharides.

Brush-Like Polysaccharides With Motif-Specific Interactions

The development of new materials using natural polymers provides an opportunity to meet industry demand and at the same time mitigate adverse environmental impacts associated with the overuse of petroleum-derived plastics. The challenge of rationally designing such polymers and the scalability of their production can be overcome by combining a biomimetic “mix-and-match” approach of creating hybrid