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Leonardo Camargo-Forero

Leonardo Camargo-Forero is an HPC/HPRC architect and Ph.D. candidate studying Aerospace Science and technology, combining multi-robot systems with supercomputing, ubiquitous supercomputing, and High-Performance Robotic Computing (HPRC). 3+ years of experience in unmanned vehicles (robotics) and 7+ years of experience in High-Performance Computing (HPC). Deployment and administration of supercomputing centers, software parallelization in different fields, image processing, bioinformatics, air traffic, etc. Science fiction writer, entrepreneur.

Combining Supercomputing And Robotics For Novel Applications

There are many things in life that seem disconnected, maybe because, apparently, they share nothing in common, maybe because their connection might not be evident, or simply because the bases to do so are still nonexistent. Yet, the latter is […]