About The Author

I have a chemical engineering background and more than 15 years of experience in the introduction of new and innovative technologies for sustainable use of water, resources and energy. My core expertise's are the valorization of sewage sludge, reuse of phosphates and production of PHA bioplastics.

Specialties: Environmental innovation, dewatering & treatment of sewage sludge, phosphate recovery, PHA bioplastics, thermal treatment technologies, water treatment, energy recovery and flue gas treatment.

Phosphorus Recovery – A Voyage From Sewage Sludge To Johannes Vermeer

What is phosphorus recovery about? Phosphorus as a nutrient – importance for our society Phosphorus is a chemical element. It is contained in molecules that are crucial for all living organisms such as ATP (energy currency) or DNA (reproduction). That is why phosphorus is an essential ingredient of fertilizers. No phosphorus means no food. The