Kyle Foss

Kyle is a PhD student in Machine Learning. His goal is to be able to hike and camp throughout the world. Prior work experience includes automotive engineering, environmental regulation, and design of experiments testing.

Ancient Detectives: How Science Unraveled The Real History Of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have been extinct for approximately 65 million years, yet they continue to fascinate and awe people all over the world. We have all seen movies and pictures of dinosaurs as huge lizards covered with skin similar to a crocodile. […]

Welcome To Your Autonomous Life: Self Driving Cars Are A New Reality

Autonomous vehicles have become a hot topic among professionals in both automotive and technology fields. Recent headlines have consumers dreaming about their own personal robot chauffeur; but how close are we really? We will undoubtedly be able to sit behind […]

Total Solar Eclipse Vs. Lunar Eclipse 2017: Your Guide To Be An Eclipse Expert

The basics of an eclipse, that most anyone can tell you, are that one object in space casts a shadow on another. The two flavors that we appreciate here on Earth are solar eclipses and lunar eclipses. A lunar eclipse […]