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Kristina Campbell

Mechanisms By Which Probiotics Act On The Human Brain Still Elude Us, But We’re Getting Closer

By definition, anything that’s called a probiotic must produce a scientifically demonstrated health effect. And in theory, this could be a brain health effect. We know that bidirectional communication occurs between the gut and brain — and furthermore, that the commensal […]

Of Two Minds: Antibiotics And The Gut-Brain Axis

Scientists have known for several decades that the gut and the brain communicate bi-directionally. And newer evidence suggests that the gut microbiota — all the microorganisms that live in the human digestive tract, with the greatest concentration in the colon […]

“Psychobiotics” And The Science Of How Gut Bacteria Can Affect The Human Brain

The connection between the digestive system and the brain is not something new to scientists; the term “gut-brain axis” has been around ever since studies showed that information flow between the gastrointestinal tract and the brain is not restricted to […]

Mindset: An Often Overlooked Factor In Nutrition And Health

When it comes to nutrition, it’s often assumed that the physiological effects of a food item are directly attributable to the properties of the food itself. What’s often overlooked is “mindset” — the expectations and attitudes of the person consuming […]