About The Author

I am a PhD candidate at the API Institute for Astronomy, University of Amsterdam and the Department of Earth Sciences, Vrije University Amsterdam. I am working with Prof. Carsten Dominik in the Exoplanets and Disks group and Prof. Wim van Westrenen in the Planetary Science group. My current research interest lies in the study of the interior of rocky extra-solar planets.

A New Ultra-High-Pressure Equation Of State For Iron Gives Insight Into Super-Earth Interiors

Our knowledge of the Earth’s interior comes from the study of seismic waves during earthquakes, observations of different types of rocks, laboratory experiments, and magnetic and gravitational evidence. But how can we study the interiors of exoplanets, planets orbiting around stars other than our Sun, trillions of kilometers away? About a thousand super-Earths, exoplanets up