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Katrina Cook

I am a PhD candidate in UBC's Pacific Salmon Conservation and Ecology Laboratory.

Working with commercial fisheries for Pacific salmon, I study those salmon species that are released as bycatch. Merging telemetry and marine holding studies with physiology and genomics, I aim to understand how various capture scenarios influence individual condition and post-release mortality. Many of my research questions have direct implications for the management of BC's Pacific salmon fisheries; I, therefore, incorporate human dimensions research to evaluate stakeholder perceptions of my findings. My research is the result of strong collaborations with various groups involved with salmon fisheries.

Handle With Care: Research To Improve Bycatch Survival Through Better Handling

Published by Katrina Cook and Maryann Watson Department of Forest Sciences and Conservation Sciences, University of British Columbia, and Marine Affairs Program, Dalhousie University These findings are described in the article entitled Experimental capture and handling of chum salmon reveal […]