An Environmentally-Friendly Approach To Synthesize Vinyl-Based Oligocelluloses
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About The Author

Our main research interests are currently focused on the design, synthesis and characterization of novel tailor made macromolecules as well as on the development of sustainable, eco-efficient and competitive production methods of polymeric materials. By utilizing modern polymer synthesis techniques including biocatalysis and other controlled polymerization methods our research aims to expand fundamental scientific knowledge towards advanced technologies. Our research efforts can roughly be divided into projects centered on the design of new enzymatic polymerization/monomer synthesis techniques and projects aiming at the synthesis and the study of/utilization of the self-assembly of block copolymers.


An Environmentally-Friendly Approach To Synthesize Vinyl-Based Oligocelluloses

Cellulose is the most common biopolymer, and we use it each day for many products such as paper, composite, and even building materials. Scientifically, it is considered to be a linear polymer, consisting of hundreds to thousands of glucosyl units which are linked via the glycosidic bond. There are cellulose oligomers commonly referred to as oligocelluloses with fewer glucosyl units which are synthesized in an environmentally-friendly way. They have been of much interest in the past decade considering they have...

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