About The Author

My main scientific interest is trophic relationships between aquatic microorganisms. Aquatic microorganisms - bacteria, algae and heterotrophic protists – are the key players in energy transfer and element cycling in all freshwater and marine habitats. These processes are vital for sustaining aquatic ecosystem and the entire biosphere. Most of the energy transfer and element cycling is maintained through the food webs. Therefore, the elucidating the relationships in microbial food webs is crucial to comprehend the functioning of aquatic habitats. My research include investigation of diversity, distribution, dynamics and activity of bacteria, algae and heterotrophic protists in their natural environments.

Searching For Protists In The Vistula River Estuary

Tropical rainforests are often referred to as an Earth’s lungs and are hotspots for biological diversity. However, few are aware that half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean and is produced by microscopic algae. Even fewer realized the diversity of algae and other unicellular protists, for which estimates of the number of