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Julieta Benítez-Malvido

Julieta Benítez is a researcher at the Research Institute in Ecosystems and Sustainability of the UNAM and also a research associate of the Project on Biological Dynamics of Fragmented Forests, the National Institute of Amazon Research of the Smithsonian Institute and the Long Term Network for Ecosystem Research ( LTER). She has also been a guest researcher at various Brazilian institutions such as INPA, UNISINOS and UNICAMP and has been a professor at OTS in Manaus, the Autonomous Metropolitan University, the University of Durham and the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. She is a member of the review committee of journals such as Biotropica and national and international scientific research bodies such as CONACYT, NSF and TWAS. She is currently doing research in Brazil and the Mexican tropics, particularly Los Tuxtlas, Chajul, Cozumel and Chamela. Her research interests include tropical ecology, post-alteration forest recovery (fragmentation, deforestation, road impact), plant-herbivore-pathogen interactions in disturbed and restored tropics.

Endure Or Perish! Amphibians And Reptiles Coping With Humans And Climate

Tropical ecosystems worldwide are greatly threatened by human disturbance and climatic change, concurrently. Human and natural disturbances such as hurricanes have significant pervasive influences on animals, including changes in species density, diversity, and composition. In the past few years, hurricanes […]