Juan C. Nino

Juan Claudio Nino is a Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at University of Florida. He leads the Nino Research Group (NRG) with main focus on the investigation of advanced energy materials towards enhancing their efficiency, performance, and sustainability. His research at NRG on ceramics, polymers, bio-inspired materials, and their composites has resulted in over 150 publications in the field and five patents. Current research focus includes optimization and development of advanced functional materials for: (a) energy conversion and storage, (b) high frequency and high temperature electronics, (c) neural networks, and (d) semiconductors and scintillators for radiation detection.

Building Smarter, Scalable Hardware For Artificial Intelligence

The current hardware for training neural networks, the backbone of modern artificial intelligence, is the graphics processing unit (GPU). As its name suggests, the GPU was originally designed for rendering images at high speeds; the realization that it could be […]