About The Author

J. Cardoso dos Santos holds a PhD degree in Physics (focusing Celestial Mechanics / Astrodynamics) at the São Paulo State University (UNESP), where he also received a Master's degree in Physics and a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics (with honours). He was a visiting scholar at the University of Colorado Boulder (USA) and at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (ISAS/JAXA - Japan), as well a NPoC for SGAC (Austria). Areas of expertise: Celestial Mechanics, Astrodynamics and Space History. Topics of interest: Dynamics of Natural and Artificial Celestial Bodies, Two and Three-Body Problems, Roto-Orbital Dynamics, Orbital Perturbations, Polar and Frozen Orbits, Quasi-Satellite Orbits, Perturbation Theory, Hamiltonian Systems, Intermediary Hamiltonians, Space Missions Applications.

Studying The Orbit Lifetimes Of Spacecrafts Around Moons: The Callisto-Jupiter System Case

Space exploration has occupied a major impact on the changes that the modern society has experienced. The range of benefits it has brought is wide: the development of new technologies firstly pioneered in space, job creation, promotion of education and the fundamental better understanding of the universe and life. These and other issues are among