About The Author

Joseph Nevins studies socio-territorial boundaries and mobility, imperialism, global apartheid and forms of political violence, political ecology, and matters of human rights, international law and social justice in the aftermath of mass atrocities. He has conducted research in East Timor, Mexico, and the United States-Mexico border region.

Nevins' writings have appeared in numerous journalistic publications, including Aljazeera English, Boston Review, CounterPunch, The Christian Science Monitor, the International Herald Tribune, The Nation, Los Angeles Times, The Progressive, and The Washington Post.

A Right To The World?

From hundreds of thousands of Rohingya seeking shelter in Bangladesh to Australia’s brutal offshore detention of people whose arrival it seeks to block, there is no shortage of recent signs of a global refugee crisis. According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the number of forcibly displaced persons—a category