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John Finnan

John is a senior research officer at TEAGASC, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority. Research interests include: Energy Crop Agronomy, Biomass Storage, Biomass Combustion, and Life cycle assessment.

New Approaches To Old Problems: Integrating Disciplines To Understand Lodging In Oats

Oats have been grown in Ireland since the Bronze age and once occupied a land area of over 1.5 million acres when oats were the primary feed for horses. The acreage of oats fell as horses were replaced with vehicles, […]

Making Room For Bioenergy: How Much Energy Can Be Produced From Biomass On Marginal Land?

More food is required for a rapidly-growing global population. At the same time, efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change have meant that fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable energies including bioenergy. Biological energy (bio-energy) was the first […]