Joep F. Schyns

Mitigating the risks of water scarcity and water dependency in a sustainable manner, that is what my research aims to contribute to. I assess the water footprint of human consumption and production patterns, and analyze how this knowledge can be used to inform coherent inter-sectoral policies on water, agriculture, energy and trade, which lead to more sustainable and efficient use of water. I use Water Footprint Assessment methods and work with crop growth models (AquaCrop) and large spatiotemporal datasets to make global-scale, high-resolution, highly-disaggregated estimates of consumptive water use.

As coordinator of the water footprint statistics and publication databases for the Water Footprint Network, I am involved with knowledge dissemination to the network partners, which include businesses, NGOs, governments, and academia.

I received my PhD degree Cum Laude at University of Twente in 2018. I also hold a MSc degree Cum Laude and a BSc degree, both in Civil Engineering from University of Twente.

Forests Need Water And We Need Forests: The Water Footprint Of Wood And Derived Products

Forests need water. Without water, there is no vegetation. When it rains over a forest, the rainwater wets the leaves and the soil surface. The water that temporarily stays on top of the leaves will evaporate when the sun comes […]