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Jing Liu

Dr. Jing Liu is a jointly appointed Professor of Tsinghua University (THU), and Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He received his double B.S. degrees in both Engineering and Science, and Ph.D. in Thermal Science with a specialty on Bioengineering, all from THU. Dr. Liu had ever performed his visiting researches at Purdue University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He works at the interdisciplinary areas among liquid metals, biomedical engineering, and thermal science and is an author of nine popular books with one reprinted five times.

Liquid Metal Activated Al-Water Reaction: A New Approach Leading To “Hy-Time”

When it comes to hydrogen production, people think of the electrolysis or photolysis of water. However, in these processes, the energy efficiency stays low, and the production capacity could be significantly enhanced. Among the many technological strategies ever tried, the […]