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Jessica Rodysill

Jess Rodysill is a Research Geologist specializing in reconstruction of past environmental conditions using geophysical and geochemical properties of lacustrine sediments. In particular, Jess researches natural hazards such as floods, droughts, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The goals of this work are to improve understanding of the mechanisms that drive natural hazards at the regional and local scales, which will aid in improving preparation for hazards and disaster mitigation for vulnerable populations. Jess is the Project Chief of the Holocene Synthesis project, which integrates multi-proxy data from North American continental archives to reconstruct spatial patterns of wet, dry, warm, and cool conditions through time. This research is used to better understand the mechanisms driving natural climate variability and millennial and centennial timescales and to improve computer model forecasts. Jess is leading a pilot study in the central and eastern United States aimed at understanding the long-term, millennial-scale history of earthquakes at active fault zones to better assess the risk of future earthquakes.

Measuring Long-Term Climate Change In North America During The Common Era

Recent floods and droughts have resulted in billions of dollars of damages and loss of life. The occurrence of these extreme weather events has varied in frequency and magnitude over past years and decades. Identifying regions that have been susceptible […]