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Jessica Kelley Morgan

Jessica Morgan is a research psychologist in RTI International’s Military and Family Risk Behavior Research Program. Dr. Morgan earned her Ph.D. at North Carolina State University in Applied Social and Community Psychology. Her research interests include the facilitation of posttraumatic growth, resilience, and grit in the military, as well the evaluation of pre-deployment and post-deployment training. In addition, she is interested in veterans’ experiences of readjustment to civilian life and the range of veterans’ experiences on the combat stress continuum. Dr. Morgan’s personal experience as a military spouse, coupled with her educational training, allow her to provide novel and insightful perspectives to research conducted within military behavioral health settings.

Study On How Resilience Affects Stress And Alcohol-Related Behaviors In National Guard Members

Our recent study is the first to show how stressors are related to serious consequences of alcohol use in military service members, and how psychological resilience, or the ability to “bounce back” after setbacks, protects against these effects. We found […]